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CFF concept

Community Food Farm is a non-governmental initiative aimed at boosting and utilizing local agricultural lands to produce quality food at affordable prices, while also offering employment opportunities. The main idea behind CFF is to influence market prices by bringing a range of food products onto the market, ultimately driving down their cost so that poverty-stricken people have access to healthful, plentiful food. CFF seeks to strike a balance between earning profits in order to expand its agricultural operations and providing funds for development projects for the benefit of its host community.

Community Food Farm focuses on both plant and animal farming, with a firm emphasis on preserving the local environment. Organic fertilizer from the farm itself will be used in order to reduce bush-burning and excessive application of chemical fertilizers and other inorganic methods. The fresh organic foods produced by CFF will help people combat malnutrition and improve health. Preserving food in and out of season with modern techniques is a further focus, as well as educating the local population about mineral-rich foods and how to prepare them.

The CFF management team will comprise knowledgeable business people (with at least a higher education level), experienced farmers and locals willing to improve their situation in the region.

The advantages CFF will have over its free-market competitors will lie in its ability to raise money needed to fund operations, its access to skilled personnel, large areas of land, imported machinery and foreign ideas, all of which will contribute to the competitive edge necessary for the maintenance of affordable pricing.

Future vision

In due course, CFF hopes to run nursery schools for very young children as well as supplying primary schools in the region with wholesome food, so that their pupils get a good start on their academic journey and life. With the experience gained through the pilot project, CFF will expand to other regions and countries within a few years, wherever providing food is problematic and employment opportunities are scarce.


CFF is sponsored by a group of individuals and organizations seeking to initiate sustainable community development in rural areas. Additional means of financing the project include personal savings of members, contributions from private individuals, donations from willing organizations.

CFF Yam harvest January, 2018

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