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Peter Okonye, General Manager and founding member of CFF, comes from Delta State, Nigeria. Since his early years as a boy scout serving his community, Peter has striven to challenge unethical behaviour and foster a sense of responsibility. To this end, he helped form a youth association in his home town and has worked for several NGOs over the years, both in Nigeria and in Austria.

In Jos, Plateau State, where he completed his secondary schooling, he gained experience running a small poultry and farming business. Peter has since graduated with a BBA in management with a focus on IT. He hopes to put his combined skills to use at CFF, and help less fortunate people achieve a better standard of living.

Peggy Okorafor, CFF Secratary, currently works as a kindergarten staff and has spent most of her time working with children. As an educator of little kids here in Europe, Peggy observed how surplus foods are for kids at affordable prices, while in other part of the world, people have very little to eat.

With these troubles in heart, Peggy wishes to affect the lives of children by supporting CFF projects in order to eradicate malnutrition and ensure that people have enough food to eat and have a peaceful life. Peggy believes that our world gets better when we the people of the world actually start to rebuild it ourselves, and hopes that you join us!

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