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Manager’s Message

Dear Visitor,

We heartily welcome you to our homepage!

CFF was founded not just as a platform to help the poor, but also as a base for meeting like-minded individuals. We work respectfully together as a team, share our problems and try to rebuild the world around us. We can assure our visitors that we are proud of being part of this family, and we hope that you will find friends in CFF. Together, we can have a tremendous impact!

What do you gain from being part of our family?

1. A chance of belonging to a powerful world community where you meet real people.

2. The opportunity to impact other people’s lives with just a little effort: even a small effort can have great effects.

3. Learn from other cultures as you share yours.

4. A chance of rebuilding the world just as you imagine it: remember: the best way to change our world is by actually changing it! Now is the time, not tomorrow!

5. Opportunities to travel around our small world and share your knowledge

What do you gain as a partner?

Are you the head of your organization and wish to partner with us? CFF is a great way to gain access to the world.

If you are an individual wishing to invest in places where your donations can truly fulfill a heartfelt desire to help the poor, then CFF offers the best opportunities! You can see and feel the effects of your contributions as we regularly report back on our progress.

We invite you to join hands with us and take a life-changing journey!

Thank you for taking the time to read this message!

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Meet some of our new staff, getting ready to clear the land in January:

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