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How to help

It does not take much to make a real difference. Your interest in CFF and inviting friends to take part in CFF is already a good start. There are many ways you can contribute to CFF’s mission: look into CFF’s activities, projects and donations, and decide what best suits your level of commitment. All hands on deck is what it takes! You can help by providing tools and materials needed to carry out our work, helping personally during activities or donating money. Any contribution you can make will help CFF. You can also share your knowledge, e.g. by offering legal counsel, professional expertise etc. CFF needs volunteers both in Austria , where the organization is based, and abroad where we will host the community farms. In Austria, we need help carrying out informational and charity events. Abroad, we are seeking the help of various professionals: as a graduate, you can share your knowledge with less privileged people in our host nations. We are especially seeking medical professionals (doctors and nurses), technicians and engineers of any kind as well as craftsmen and craftswomen. If you want to improve other people’s lives, you are welcome aboard! Let us change the world for real! Whatever your skills are, if you are willing to offer them for the good of mankind, this is your chance! You can also help by sending us your ideas and feedback, or by pointing out things that you feel are not right. This will help us improve and strengthen CFF. For details on what you can donate, please check the donation section under “working with CFF” at the top of this page. We heartily thank you for your contributions!


Thank you for taking the time to visit this page! In our endeavour to truly change the lives of disadvantaged people, we can use all the help we can find. We heartily invite you to join us. As complex as this journey appears, we can achieve success through a step by step approach. For CFF to accomplish its mission, every donation is needed and will be highly appreciated. Please check bellow for what can be donated, and click on the main items for more details: 1. Money: cash is useful in every country and can be used to buy what is needed. 2. Farm tools and machines: tractors, vehicles, harvesters, plows, egg incubators. 3. School and office supplies and equipment: computers, printers, scanners etc 4. Photovoltaics: solar panel systems. 5. Hand Skills: Sawing machines 6. Preservation: deep freezers 7. Medical supplies: materials, hospital equipment and surgical tools. 8. Educational materials: modern text books on various subjects and general knowledge for schools and libraries. Please note that because of the national laws of host nations, some donations such as cars etc, must be at most 10 to 20 year old! Also, while we appreciate all donations, some equipment may cost more to transport to the host nation than buying it on-site. Please check with us to verify the usefulness of your donation if in doubt.

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