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CFF History

The idea of forming an organization that could truly change the lives of poor people around the world began in 2008, when one of CFF’s founding members visited his home town after living in Europe for nearly a decade. The people he had known as a child were nearly unrecognizable due to the hardships their community had faced. The standard of living is poor and many families can hardly afford 3 meals a day of any type. The supposedly joyful visit turned somber. There was no amount of cash he could have brought that would have been enough for him to help his family and neighbors and cover his expenses while visiting. He was forced to fly back helplessly. The only way families here can survive is if they have relatives who are gainfully employed in cities or abroad and are willing to assist them.

Upon arrival, he began calling on his fellow Africans and friends alike to meet and brainstorm together on what to do. At first, they all welcomed the idea as their home communities are in similar situations. However, the idea was met with great challenges from the start. Some liked it but doubted its success; others couldn’t help because they faced daily struggles of their own. In 2009, a few members managed to meet and finally settled on a name, “UED - United for Education and Development.” Unfortunately, this organization soon foundered because of insurmountable ideological differences among some of the members. By 2011, the organization was declared dead.

That same year, one of the founders picked up the pieces and reformed the organization with new members who share a common goal, and named the new organization “CFF – Community Food Farm”. Among these members are again some who have personally suffered under the types of situations that CFF aims to eradicate. We therefore take the course we pursue very seriously, and are willing to make a serious personal commitment. Since its emergence, CFF has grown steadily stronger and has made remarkable progress within a short time. It is now a recognized, registered organization with mature, experienced members from all walks of life.

Today we welcome members and supporters who serve the cause selflessly and truly want to make things happen. With their hard work and support, our first operation has started within a much shorter time than we had anticipated, with planting and hearvesting of the local food produces. We are encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received after our last activities.

So, if you are out there searching for us, we look forward to welcoming you home!

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